Author: Berthe


During the quarantine, I join other Belgian artists for the cover of WE ARE THE WORLD by Michael Jackson under the direction of Silvano Macaluso We Are The World Cover

My work as an Actress

For 11 years now, I have played different characters for Cinema, Theater and Television. But it’s just the beginning. Don’t hesitate to contact me for you projects on

LN 24 : My speech on LN24

I was invited on, LN24, new Non-stop Belgian Information Channel, to talk about diversity in cinema following the 2020 Oscars Ceremony Award If you missed my speech no worries! You’re just one click away from the replay

New album

2020 will be the year I will release my first album in English. Indeed, since the beginning of the year, I’ve been back in the studio with my buddy David Caporaso a.k.a. David Corleone

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