Berthe Tanwo Njole a.k.a D‐WA, originally from Cameroon, is a belgian artist in the widest sense. Singer, songwriter, actress, performer and presenter. She started singing when she was 10 and throughout her teenage years she performed in several places in the Belgian capital. She became professional in 2009.

Backing vocals for several artists such as Omar Perry, Sophie Michalakoudis or David Corleone, she has also worked with renowned flemish singer Raymond Van Het Groenewoud.

Always keen to learn, she tried to get into the world of cinema and theater. It’s a success as she has worked, among others, under the direction of Pieter Van Hees (Wasteland), Angélique Kaba (Dream of Elya), Martin Bourboulon (Auchan Ad), Zenel Laci (Live), or Yannick Guégan (Beatbox Story).

She performed on Exhibit B from the South African director, Brett Bailey. He then chose her to be her Company Manager for the 2014/15 Exhibit B Tour, which will take her in Edinburgh, London, Paris, Poitiers, Chili Santiago, Galway and Gwangju ‐ South Korea.

Adrien Joveneau, Belgian presenter, reached her in 2014 to participate in his show: Les Belges du Bout Du Monde on national TV: RTBF, alongside BJ Scott and Tatiana Silva in Cameroon.

Among other projects, it’s as an actress that she appears on stage to perform on the show Paper Dance, from the Mixed Dance Company Transe en Danse in Brussels. At the same time, she has given music workshops via the association REMUA, based in Brussels.

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding in March 2017, she just released her first EP, printed in 500 copies, in September of the same year.

Former presenter for BAM TV, the first african web tv recognized by the French Broadcasting Authority in 2014, the International French Film Festival Of Namur chose her to be one of the presenter for the 2017 edition.

On stage, in front of a camera or on a set, Berthe is in her element. Her groovy and warm voice, her personality and her professionalism make her a one of a kind artist.